The brand Ets RONDINAUD was created in 1907, The company was born of a long family tradition of cobblers since the 17th century. Their slippers have luxury for DNA as well as quality raw material related to a hand-crafted know-how of high demand. The slippers are manufactured in cousus-retournés (sewn-in back), and this makes them a timeless product that is recognized as

The genuine ‘Charentaise’ came into being in Charente in the 17th century. It is made using manufacturing discards from the textile and paper industries, which are located on the river Charente and its tributaries. In fact, the paper felts were woollen and after being used for the pressing and absorbing the paper paste they became waterproof.

The local cobblers then had the idea to collect these felts in order to make flexible and comfortable soles out of them. The slipper’s top part, called ‘upper’ came from the production surplus of the local weavers manufacturing uniforms for the royal navy in Rochefort. The sole and upper were sown with hemp wire, using a cross-stitch called ‘herringbone stitch’ in this region. The ‘Charentaise’ were used at this time as flexible slippers or socks that could easily slip into a clog. The special feature of the ‘Charentaise’ is its tongue located on the instep, which brought more comfort by avoiding the wooden bite of the clog. International success was achieved when James Rondinaud decided to export his product worldwide, in the early 1950’s.